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Incredible edibles Lashings of octopus tentacle And Spanish bread and beer Chillis fried near the brunt Of tastebud prison riot Run memories as this tube Back home glides through Black and stations run rack and Ruin of drunkards splay Their shouts in euphoric Blasted booze faxed lifewarring Railing against that simple confusion That ever gnawing confusion That sadly imperfect delusion, Perfect as an unanswered question

I remember the Spanish bar Cruzecampo and patanegra But an anger interrupts My joy of pork fat and frying Ribs, pearl white sherry fine Embalming truth in Spanish wine The train runs dark then station Bright stating the obvious Before the blight of oblivion Moments of love and its Opposite, control, and faith In control, this sine Of time v hope, This zoetrope Spinning into the motion Of a drunken Saturday lifetime Forever, this Saturday lifetime

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Lotos Eater

What science is there To numbing of the heart To murdering a child A break before the road The late love of London Red and ovary free Green and golden gates Traffic lights shout Wet black Tarmac All in a walk home Red light mother Waits like a tree In a snowfall of oil Green light fountain Of starting and joy Proud in sex and honesty Raging openness fire Hard and trust In you the lotos night Insumed with you We leave each footstep behind Like litter on swept streets Consumed with you Our kisses melt like black Ravioli dishes and drugs Do numb this night Most of the way home The method is our genius Clean pressed from the mould Of our dinner talk I stay here in rain In this ecstasy In extrapathy Having kissed you A bump of Cain Why am I lost I here So settled on the coast Where you left me To sit and see The tube train sea Wash and watch the Shore of this moment In time thrown litter The butter of scallops Drunk from a shell The drugs do peroxide Changes to my time Tonight will burst From a sequence of tonights A cackle in a tragedy A sob in a comedy The audience wonders Where the noise came from Embarrassment and applause Raucous encores Incursions into wet maps Of midnight street walk Smoke around the tower Green and intoxicating Fumes of london We are all quiet on The tube Each of us Dreams Of lunches And love stories Remembers confusion Reality and disconnection Is the tube clatter a line of Cola sweet comforting Or night black lamenting A comet of passengers Dinner and numbing Your eyes in the dark Of my cheek My lips in The warmth Of your tongue Us in our moment This night

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The Door

A million stars Pouring from night The lantern burns Fractured shadows Crickets sing in black Air and joy, air and joy Today love rolled down the mountain Like clouds billowing round your kisses The storms of Spring enrich with silver Upturned hearts of early flowers The freckles of Summer on your cheeks Speckles of pollen on gentle petals Soft as velvet floating to the shore And in the heat this moment of rain When the flowers sighed and cried I love you, I miss you to now pouring clouds The minute the rain was heard to sing Like crickets in Mediterranean night The second the mountain emerged From the body of the storm its embrace Wet, and warm, rolling in pleasure Dark and tumbling in a collapse I would make last forever So the stars sighed as clouds cleared And met again the sparkling earth While the rains danced away together And left memories of you at my door When you said goodbye And when you came back in once more

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